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Measurement and Instrumentation Quiz Question with Answer

1. Basically a potentiometer is a device for

  1. comparing two voltages
  2. measuring a current
  3. comparing two currents
  4. measuring a voltage

2. Commonly used instruments in power system measurement are

  1. induction
  2. moving coil or iron
  3. rectifier
  4. electrostatic

3. Commonly used standard capacitor is

  1. spherical type
  2. concentric cylindrical type
  3. electrostatic type
  4. multilayer parallel plate type

4. Damping of the Ballistic galvanometer is made small to

  1. get first deflection large
  2. make the system oscillatory
  3. make the system critically damped
  4. get minimum overshoot

5. E.m.f. of a Weston cell is accurately measured by

  1. electrostatic voltmeter
  2. hot wire voltmeter
  3. isothermal voltmeter
  4. electrodynamic voltmeter

6. For handling greater currents induction wattmeters are used in conjunction with

  1. potential transformers
  2. current transformers
  3. power transformers
  4. either of the above

7. For measurement of inductance having high value, we should use

  1. Maxwells bridge
  2. Maxwell Wein bridge
  3. Hays bridge
  4. Any of the above

8. For measurement of mutual inductance we can use

  1. Anderson bridge
  2. Maxwells bridge
  3. Heaviside bridge
  4. Any of the above

9. For measurements on high voltage capacitors, the suitable bridge is

  1. Wein bridge
  2. Modified De Santys bridge
  3. Schering bridge
  4. Any of the above

10. For measuring a very high resistance we should use

  1. Kelvins double bridge
  2. Wheat stone bridge
  3. Meggar
  4. None of the above

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