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Fossil Fuels Quiz Question with Answer

1. What is the one continent on Earth where coal is not found?

  1. Africa
  2. North America
  3. Australia
  4. Antarctica

2. The quality of coal, called its rank, is a measure of which of the following characteristics?

  1. amount of carbon in the coal
  2. amount of oxygen in the coal
  3. how black it is
  4. how hard it is

3. A dangerous activity which results in many deaths due to gas explosion, caves in and flooding is

  1. coal mining
  2. climbing mountain
  3. extracting oil
  4. hydropower generation

4. Why do fossil fuels generate more power than wood for use in machines, for example?

  1. Fossil fuels have a higher concentration of carbon and hydrogen
  2. Fossil fuels are drier
  3. Fossil fuels are easier to light
  4. Fossil fuels are easier to transpor

5. Coal, a common fossil fuel, is formed from which of the following types of organic matter?

  1. freshwater algae
  2. bodies of dead animals
  3. marine organisms
  4. tree trunks, leaves, and freshwater plants

6. Fossil fuels are rich in carbon and

  1. nitrogen
  2. hydrogen
  3. methane
  4. oxygen

7. The greatest concentration of oil is found in which of the regions of the world given below?

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. the Middle East
  4. Europe

8. Fossil fuels are derived from which of the following sources?

  1. organic matter trapped in sedimentary rock
  2. nonorganic matter trapped in metamorphic rock
  3. organic matter trapped in igneous rock
  4. organic matter on the crusts surface

9. Burning of fossils fuel is leading environment towards

  1. pollution
  2. global warming
  3. climate change
  4. all of above

10. Natural gas is composed mainly of which type of gas?

  1. propane
  2. methane
  3. butane
  4. ethane

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