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Rocks and Minerals Question with Answer

1. A mineral from which a metal can be profitably extracted is called

  1. ore
  2. basalt
  3. magma
  4. granite

2. A mineral made of atoms of simple element is

  1. sand
  2. quartz
  3. gold
  4. clay

3. Cuprite is an ore of

  1. aluminium
  2. iron
  3. copper
  4. calcium

4. During volcanic eruptions, this molten material is continually ejected to the surface of the earth:

  1. Magma
  2. Lava
  3. Volcanic ash
  4. Pumice

5. Limestone and marble are rich in

  1. mica
  2. sand
  3. calcium
  4. quartz

6. Minerals make up

  1. rocks
  2. elements
  3. substances
  4. metallurgy

7. Pudding stone is the name given to

  1. conglomerate
  2. quartzite
  3. basalt
  4. tuff

8. Scientists who study about rocks and the crust of the earth are called

  1. zoologists
  2. geologists
  3. paleontologists
  4. none of these

9. Symbiotic bacteria are formed in the roots of

  1. cereal plants
  2. pod bearing plants
  3. cotton plants
  4. none of these

10. Taj Mahal is made up of

  1. white granite
  2. calcium carbonate
  3. sandstone
  4. slate

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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