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Force and Pressure Quiz Question with Answer

1. With the increase in the weight of an object the pressure

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. remains unchanged
  4. none of these

2. Wheel is made circular, because

  1. it minimises friction
  2. it increases friction
  3. to make them attractive
  4. none of these

3. Tyres are provided with deep grooves on their surface to

  1. reduce the cost of material used
  2. increase the friction
  3. decrease the friction
  4. make them attractive

4. To increase pressure

  1. area of contact is increased
  2. area of contact is decreased
  3. magnitude of thrust is decreased
  4. none of these

5. The unit of pressure is

  1. joule
  2. newton
  3. pascal
  4. none of these

6. The SI unit of force is

  1. joule
  2. kg/m2
  3. newton
  4. pascal

7. The magnetic force is a

  1. contact force
  2. force at distance
  3. consequential force
  4. none of these

8. The force which an object exerts on any other object is

  1. gravitational force
  2. magnetic force
  3. electrostatic force
  4. frictional force

9. The force of friction

  1. increases with the weight of body
  2. decreases with the weight of body
  3. is not affected by the weight of body
  4. none of these

10. The deep grooves in the tyre of a tractor

  1. decrease friction
  2. increase friction
  3. make it stable
  4. make tyre more attractive

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