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Units and Dimensions Question with Answer

1. needed for the experimental verification of various theories.

  1. Symbol
  2. Instrument
  3. Measurement
  4. Unit

2. A the interval from one noon to the next noon.

  1. solar day
  2. lunar day
  3. day
  4. mean solar day

3. A set of fundamental and derived units is known as

  1. system of units
  2. complementary units
  3. metric units
  4. supplementary units

4. A unitless quantity

  1. may have a non-zero dimension.
  2. never has a zero dimension.
  3. has no dimensions.
  4. always has a non-zero dimension.

5. Accidental error can be minimised by

  1. taking small magnitude of the quantity.
  2. selecting instrument with greater least count.
  3. selecting instrument with small least count.
  4. taking only one reading.

6. Checking the correctness of physical equations using the method of dimensions is based on

  1. the type of system of units.
  2. the method of measurement.
  3. principle of homogeneity of dimensions.
  4. equality of inertial frame of reference.

7. Constant error can be caused due to

  1. wrong setting of instrument.
  2. lack of concentration of observer.
  3. wrong procedure of handling the instrument
  4. faulty construction of instrument.

8. Dimensional equation CANNOT be used

  1. to derive the relation between different physical quantities.
  2. to find out constant of proportionality which may be pure number.
  3. to change from one system of units toanother system.
  4. to check the correctness of a physical quantity.

9. Error due to non-removal of parallax between pointer and its image in case of magnetic compass needle causes

  1. persistant error
  2. personal error
  3. random error
  4. instrumental error

10. If the pointer of the voltmeter is not exactly at the zero of the scale then the error is called

  1. systematic error
  2. personal error
  3. random error
  4. instrumental error

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Units and Dimensions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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