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Ecosystem Question with Answer

1. The term Ecology was coined by

  1. A.G.Tansley
  2. Earnst Haeckel
  3. Aristotle
  4. Linnaeus

2. The conversion of ammonia to nitrate is known as ............................

  1. ammonification
  2. nitrification
  3. denitrification
  4. all of these

3. Organisms which depened on Producers for nutrition are called

  1. Autotrophs
  2. Saprophytes
  3. Consumers
  4. Xerophytes

4. The inherent ability of organisms to reproduce and multiply is called

  1. C value
  2. biotic potential
  3. carrying capacity
  4. K value

5. An example of one way ecological cycle is

  1. carbon dioxide cycle
  2. water cycle
  3. energy cycle
  4. oxygen cycle

6. The animal which consumes decaying organic matter is ............................

  1. Carnivore
  2. Detritivore
  3. Herbivore
  4. Producers

7. Sulphur bacteria are examples of

  1. Carnivores
  2. Heterotrophs
  3. Saprophytes
  4. Autotrophs

8. ............................ is an example of bottom feeders.

  1. Cat fish
  2. Frog
  3. Snake
  4. Tadpole

9. The largest brackish water lake situated in Asia is in Orissa. Which is the lake?

  1. Chilka lake
  2. Vembanad lake
  3. Woolar lake
  4. Dal lake

10. The presence of which is necessary for photosynthesis

  1. Chloroform
  2. Chlorophyll
  3. Phosphorus
  4. Polymer

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