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Electromagnetic Induction Questions with Answers

1. Whenever the magnetic flux linked with an electric circuit changes, an emf is induced in the circuit. This is called

2. In electromagnetic induction, the induced charge is independent of

3. An induced e.m.f. is produced when a magnet is plunged into a coil. The strength of the induced e.m.f. is independent of

4. According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction

5. A moving conductor coil produces an induced e.m.f. This isin accordance with

6. A coil of insulated wire is connected to a battery. If it is taken to galvanometer, its pointer is deflected, because

7. The polarity of induced emf is given by

8. The self inductance of a coil is a measure of

9. The coils in resistance boxes are made from doubled insulated wire to nullify the effect of

10. Two pure inductors each of self inductance L are connected in series, the net inductance is

11. Lenz's law is a consequence of the law of conservation of

12. A magnet is moved towards a coil (i) quickly (ii) slowly, then the induced e.m.f. is

13. The laws of electromagnetic induction have been used in the construction of a

14. Two coils are placed closed to each other. The mutual inductance of the pair of coils depends upon

15. Two identical coaxial circular loops carry a current i each circulating in the same direction. If the loops approach each other, you will observe that the current in

16. When current in a coil changes from 5 A to 2 A in 0.1 s, average voltage of 50 V is produced. The self-inductance of the coil is

17. The self inductance associated with a coil is independent of

18. A coil having 500 sq. loops of side 10 cm is placed normal to magnetic flux which increases at a rate of 1 T/s. The induced emf is

19. A coil of 100 turns carries a current of 5 mA and creates a magnetic flux of 10-5 weber. The inductance is

20. The north pole of a long bar magnet was pushed slowly into a short solenoid connected to a short galvanometer. The magnet was held stationary for a few seconds with the north pole in the middle of the solenoid and then withdrawn rapidly. The maximum deflection of the galvanometer was observed when the magnet was

21. In a coil of self-induction 5 H, the rate of change of current is 2 As-1. Then emf induced in the coil is

22. Why is the core of a transformer laminated?

23. Two identical coaxial coils P and Q carrying equal amount of current in the same direction are brought nearer. The current in

24. Faraday's laws are consequence of the conservation of

25. Direction of current induced in a wire moving in a magnetic field is found using

26. Which of the following statements is not correct?

27. Lenz's law is a consequence of the law of conservation of

28. A solenoid is connected to a battery so that a steady current flows through it. If an iron core is inserted into the solenoid, the current will

29. There is a uniform magnetic field directed perpendicular and into the plane of the paper. An irregular shaped conducting loop is slowly changing into a circular loop in the plane of the paper. Then

30. Which of the following does not use the application of eddy current?

31. The north pole of a bar magnet is rapidly introduced into a solenoid at one end (say A). Which of the following statements correctly depicts the phenomenon taking place?

32. A metal plate can be heated by

33. Identify the wrong statement.

34. If number of turns in primary and secondary coils is increased to two times each, the mutual inductance

35. When the rate of change of current is unity, the induced emf is equal to

36. Two inductors of inductance .L each are connected in series with opposite? magnetic fluxes. The resultant inductance is (Ignore mutual inductance)

37. An e.m.f is produced in a coil, which is not connected to an external voltage source. This is not due to

38. Eddy currents do not cause

39. A wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field such that the frequency of change of direction of the induced emf is

40. Which of the following is the equivalent quantity of mass in electricity?

41. What is the unit of inductance?

42. What is the angle made by the plane of eddy currents with the plane of magnetic lines of force?


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Electromagnetic Induction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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