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Electromagnetic Induction Quiz Question with Answer

1. Whenever the magnetic flux linked with an electric circuit changes, an emf is induced in the circuit. This is called

  1. electromagnetic induction
  2. lenz's law
  3. hysteresis loss
  4. kirchhoff's laws

2. In electromagnetic induction, the induced charge is independent of

  1. change of flux
  2. time.
  3. resistance of the coil
  4. None of these

3. An induced e.m.f. is produced when a magnet is plunged into a coil. The strength of the induced e.m.f. is independent of

  1. the strength of the magnet
  2. number of turns of coil
  3. the resistivity of the wire of the coil
  4. speed with which the magnet is moved

4. According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction

  1. electric field is produced by time varying magnetic flux.
  2. magnetic field is produced by time varying electric flux.
  3. magnetic field is associated with a moving charge.
  4. None of these.

5. A moving conductor coil produces an induced e.m.f. This isin accordance with

  1. Lenz's law
  2. Faraday's law
  3. Coulomb's law

6. A coil of insulated wire is connected to a battery. If it is taken to galvanometer, its pointer is deflected, because

  1. the induced current is produced
  2. the coil acts like a magnet
  3. the number of turns in the coil of the galvanometer are changed
  4. None of these

7. The polarity of induced emf is given by

  1. Ampere's circuital law
  2. Biot-Savart law
  3. Lenz's law
  4. Fleming's right hand rule

8. The self inductance of a coil is a measure of

  1. electrical inertia
  2. electrical friction
  3. induced e.m.f.
  4. induced current

9. The coils in resistance boxes are made from doubled insulated wire to nullify the effect of

  1. heating
  2. magnetism
  3. pressure
  4. self induced e.m.f.

10. Two pure inductors each of self inductance L are connected in series, the net inductance is

  1. L
  2. 2 L
  3. L/2
  4. L/4

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