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Magnetism and Matter Quiz Question with Answer

1. Which of the following property shows the property of ferromagnetic substances?

  1. The ferromagnetic property depends on tem- perature.
  2. The ferromagnetic property does not depend on temperature.
  3. At high enough temperature ferromagnet becomes a diamagnet.
  4. At low temperature ferromagnet becomes a paramagnet.

2. Which of the following is responsible for the earth's magnetic field?

  1. Convective currents in earth's core
  2. Diversive current in earth's core.
  3. Rotational motion of earth.
  4. Translational motion of earth.

3. Which of the following is not showing the essential difference between electrostatic shielding by a conducting shell and magnetostatic shielding?

  1. Electrostatic field lines can end on charges and conductors have free charges.
  2. Magnetic field lines can end but conductors cannot end them.
  3. Lines of magentic field cannot end on any material and perfect shielding is not possible.
  4. Shells of high permeability materials can be used to divert lines of magnetic field from the interior region.

4. Which of the following is correct about magnetic monopole?

  1. Magnetic monopole exist.
  2. Magnetic monopole does not exist.
  3. Magnetic monopole have constant value of monopole momentum.
  4. The monopole momentum increase due to increase at its distance from the field.

5. Which of the following independent quantities is not used to specify the earth's magnetic field?

  1. Magnetic declination (θ).
  2. Magnetic dip.
  3. Horizontal component of earth's field (BH).
  4. Vertical component of earth's field (BV).

6. Which of the following has higher magnetic susceptibility?zdiamagnetic

  1. paramagnetic
  2. ferromagnetic
  3. None of these

7. Which of the following has a low value in ferrites?

  1. Conductivity
  2. Permeability
  3. Magnetic susceptibility
  4. All the above

8. What is the angle of dip at a place where the horizontal component of earth's magnetic field is equal to the vertical component?

  1. 0o
  2. 30o
  3. 45o
  4. 90o

9. Three needles N1 N2 and N3 are made of a ferromagnetic, a paramagnetic and a diamagnetic substance respectively. A magnet, when brought close to them, will

  1. attract N1 strongly, but repel N2 and N3 weakly.
  2. attract all three of them.
  3. attract N1 and N2 strongly but repel N3.
  4. attract N1 strongly, N2 weakly and repel N3 weakly.

10. The vertical component of earth's magnetic field . at a place is sqrt(3) times the horizontal component the value of angle of dip at this place is

  1. 30o
  2. 45o
  3. 60o
  4. 90o

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