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Minerals Quiz Question with Answer

1. A hard, colorful mineral that has a brilliant or glassy luster is a(n)

  1. alloy
  2. pure metal
  3. ore
  4. gemstone

2. Most minerals do NOT split apart evenly. Instead, they have a characteristic type of

  1. cleavage
  2. fracture
  3. crystal
  4. luster

3. Minerals can form deep inside Earths crust by

  1. cleavage and fracture
  2. friction along faults
  3. crystallization of melted materials
  4. evaporation of ancient seas

4. An example of a mineral made up of a pure element is

  1. coal
  2. copper
  3. quartz
  4. glass

5. A mineral is inorganic, which means that it contains

  1. compounds
  2. materials made by humans
  3. parts of living things
  4. no materials that were once part of living things

6. The repeating pattern of a minerals particles forms a solid called a(n)

  1. crystal
  2. element
  3. compound
  4. rock

7. Halite is a mineral formed by

  1. crystallization of hot water solutions on the ocean floor
  2. cooling of magma
  3. evaporation
  4. cooling of lava

8. What crystal shape does halite have?

  1. cubic
  2. monoclinic
  3. hexagonal
  4. glassy

9. After miners remove ore from a mine, what process removes the metal from the ore?

  1. evaporation
  2. settling
  3. smelting
  4. crystallization

10. The term used to describe how light is reflected from a minerals surface is

  1. fluorescence
  2. streak
  3. density
  4. luster

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