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Dive into the vast expanse of the Earth's Atmosphere with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student studying meteorology, an environmental scientist, or simply curious about the air that surrounds us, our meticulously curated selection covers all aspects of atmospheric science. Explore fundamental concepts such as atmospheric layers, weather phenomena, climate patterns, and human impacts on the atmosphere. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the complexities of the atmosphere has never been more engaging and accessible. Start your journey of understanding the dynamic interplay of gases and weather systems today!

Atmosphere Questions with Answers

1. Choose the correct listing of radiation from the longest wavelengths to the shortest wavelengths:

2. Photochemical smog results from the interaction of pollutants in the presence of ................

3. Convection takes place because ................

4. The ozone layer protects living things on Earth from ................

5. Most of the energy that heats Earth atmosphere is ................

6. Relatively speaking, the earths atmosphere is:

7. Most of the clouds are formed in the:

8. The layer of our atmosphere in which weather occurs is the ................

9. Which layer of the atmosphere protects Earth surface from being hit by most meteoroids?

10. The four layers of the atmosphere from the top down are:

11. Instruments used to measure air pressure are called ................

12. The pressure gradient force is proportional to:

13. The four factors that are totally responsible forwind are:

14. When climbing a high mountain, you get out of breath easily because ................

15. The atmosphere is ................

16. Wind systems are generated by:

17. The stratosphere warms because of:

18. Hydrostatic equilibrium occurs when:

19. Most of the outgoing terrestrial radiation at the top of the atmosphere are emitted from:

20. Saturation vapor pressure is dependent upon this variable:

21. The dew point temperature:

22. This occurs around a high-pressure system when the Coriolis effect exceeds the pressure gradient force, causing air to turn:

23. The temperature is lowest here:

24. In this atmospheric layer, the temperature is relatively constant for the first 10 kilometers, then it increases:

25. The highest temperatures are typically found in the:

26. The Stefan-Boltzmann Law gives the relationship between:

27. The mixing ratio has the most in common with this measure of water vapor:

28. Which of the following will increase in a rising parcel of air?

29. As the air temperature increases, with no addition of water vapor to the air, the relative humidity will:

30. Sunsets are red for all of the following reasons except:

31. The sky is blue because of:

32. Winds are caused by differences in ................

33. This is NOT a variable gas:

34. Water vapor in the atmosphere is an important source of:

35. If object A is at 400 K, and object B is at 800 K, then the radiation intensity of object A will be this amount of that the radiation intensity of object B:

36. A greenhouse works because:

37. Geostrophic flow:

38. The maximum concentrations of ozone are found in the:

39. Of the following planets, which has the most massive atmosphere?

40. The solar constant:

41. The Coriolis force:

42. Specific humidity:

43. The atmospheric window:

44. As you rise upwards in the atmosphere air pressure ................

45. If the air temperature remains constant, evaporating water into the air will ……………….. the dew point and …………………. the relative humidity.

46. Anticy clones:

47. Volcanic outgassing:

48. The radiation emitted by Earth:

49. A geostrophic wind:

50. Cyclones:


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Atmosphere

Atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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