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Motion and Time Quiz Question with Answer

1. A ball is thrown with a velocity of 20 m/s at an angle of 60o above the horizontal. What is the horizontal component of its instantaneous velocity at the exact top of its trajectory?

  1. 17 m/s
  2. 10 m/s
  3. zero
  4. 20 m/s

2. A bullet is fired horizontally, and at the same instant a second bullet is dropped from the same height. Ignore air resistance. Compare the times of fall of the two bullets.

  1. The fired bullet hits first.
  2. They hit at the same time.
  3. The dropped bullet hits first.
  4. cannot tell without knowing the masses

3. A package of supplies is dropped from a plane, and one second later a second package is dropped. Neglecting air resistance, the distance between the falling packages will

  1. depend on their weight.
  2. increase.
  3. be constant.
  4. decrease.

4. A pilot drops a bomb from a plane flying horizontally at a constant speed. Neglecting air resistance, when the bomb hits the ground the horizontal location of the plane will

  1. be over the bomb.
  2. be behind the bomb.
  3. depend on the speed of the plane when the bomb was released.
  4. be in front of the bomb.

5. At what angle should a water-gun be aimed in order for the water to land with the greatest horizontal range?

  1. 30o
  2. 60o
  3. 45o
  4. 0o

6. If the acceleration of an object is always directed perpendicular to its velocity

  1. this situation would not be physically possible.
  2. the object is slowing down.
  3. the object is speeding up.
  4. the object is turning.

7. If the acceleration vector of an object is directed anti-parallel to the velocity vector

  1. the object is turning.
  2. the object is slowing down.
  3. the object is speeding up.
  4. the object is moving in the negative x-direction.

8. Ignoring air resistance, the horizontal component of a projectiles acceleration

  1. continuously decreases.
  2. continuously increases.
  3. is zero.
  4. remains a non-zero constant.

9. Ignoring air resistance, the horizontal component of a projectiles velocity

  1. remains constant.
  2. is zero.
  3. continuously increases.
  4. continuously decreases.

10. The acceleration of gravity on the Moon is only one-sixth of that on Earth. If you hit a baseball on the Moon with the same effort (and at the speed and angle) that you would on Earth, the ball would land

  1. one-sixth as far.
  2. the same distance away.
  3. 6 times as far.
  4. 36 times as far.

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