DBMS MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. In a Hierarchical model records are organized as

  1. Graph.
  2. List.
  3. Links.
  4. Tree.

32. The method in which records are physically stored in a specified order according to a keyfield in each record is

  1. hash.
  2. direct.
  3. sequential.
  4. all of the above.

33. The database schema is written in

  1. HLL
  2. DML
  3. DDL
  4. DCL

34. Conceptual design

  1. is a documentation technique.
  2. needs data volume and processing frequencies to determine the size of the database.
  3. involves modelling independent of the DBMS.
  4. is designing the relational model.

35. The relational model feature is that there

  1. is no need for primary key data.
  2. is much more data independence than some other database models.
  3. are explicit relationships among records.
  4. are tables with many dimensions.

36. A logical schema

  1. is the entire database
  2. is a standard way of organizing information into a accessible part
  3. describe how data is actually stored on disk
  4. none of these

37. A logical schema

  1. is the entire database.
  2. is a standard way of organizing information into accessible parts.
  3. describes how data is actually stored on disk.
  4. both B and C

38. The property / properties of a database is / are :

  1. It is an integrated collection of logically related records.
  2. It consolidates separate files into a common pool of data records.
  3. Data stored in a database is independent of the application programs using it.
  4. All of the above.

39. A table joined with itself is called

  1. Join
  2. Self Join
  3. Outer Join
  4. Equi Join

40. A B-tree of order m has maximum of _____________ children

  1. m
  2. m+1
  3. m-1
  4. m/2

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