Nervous System Quiz Question with Answer

31. The cerebral cortex plays a major role in all of the following except

  1. short-term memory.
  2. long-term memory.
  3. circadian rhythm.
  4. foot-tapping rhythm.

32. By comparing the size and degree of convolution of various vertebrate cerebral cortices, biologists would gaininsight into the relative

  1. size of the brain centers of taxonomic groups.
  2. emotions and learning capabilities of vertebrate classes.
  3. motor impulse complexities.
  4. sophistication of behaviors.

33. Which processes in animals are regulated by circadian rhythms?

  1. sleep cycles
  2. hormone release
  3. sex drive
  4. A, B, and C

34. Integration of simple responses to certain stimuli, such as the patellar reflex, is accomplished by which of the following?

  1. spinal cord
  2. hypothalamus
  3. corpus callosum
  4. cerebellum

35. Which part of the vertebrate nervous system is most involved in preparation for the fight -or-flight response?

  1. sympathetic
  2. somatic
  3. central
  4. visceral

36. If you were writing an essay, which part of the brain would be most active?

  1. temporal and frontal lobes
  2. parietal lobe
  3. Brocas area
  4. Wernickes area

37. Which area of the brain is most intimately associated with the unconscious control of respiration and circulation?

  1. thalamus
  2. cerebellum
  3. medulla
  4. corpus callosum

38. Suprachiasmatic nuclei are found in which structure?

  1. thalamus
  2. hypothalamus
  3. epithalamus
  4. amygdala

39. Cerebral palsy, which disrupts motor messages from brain to muscle, is usually due to damage of

  1. the cerebellum.
  2. basal nuclei of gray matter.
  3. basal nuclei of white matter.
  4. the corpus callosum.

40. When Phineas Gage had a metal rod driven into his frontal lobe or when someone had a frontal lobotomy,which of the following occurred?

  1. They could no longer reason.
  2. They lost short-term memory.
  3. They had different emotional responses.
  4. They lost long-term memory.

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