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Apiculture Questions with Answers

1. Among honey bees, workers are

2. Apis dorsata refers to

3. Apis is a generic name of

4. Honey bee is of greatest use to man due to which reason

5. Honey is

6. Honey is

7. Honey mainly consists of

8. How does the bee carry the pollen back to its colony?

9. How long does a worker bee live in the summer?

10. How long does the development of a male bee (drone) take?

11. How long does the development of a queen take?

12. How long does the development of a worker bee take from laying of egg to emerging as a fully formed adult?

13. How many corners (sides) does a honeycomb cell have?

14. How many days does the egg stage last?

15. How many eggs can a queen lay one day?

16. How many legs does a bee have?

17. How many queens usually live in a bee colony?

18. How many segments are there in the abdomen of the worker bee?

19. How many wings does a bee have?

20. How many worker bees make up about 1 kilo?

21. If a honey bee is conveying an information, by round dance then the distance of source will be about

22. In honey bee royal jelly is secreted from

23. In honey bees the drones (males) are produced from

24. In which bee barbless sting is found

25. In which bee wax glands are found

26. In which part of the body Pollen basket is found in the honey bee

27. Life span of worker bee is

28. Nobel prize winner for the discovery of method of interpersonal communication in honey bee is

29. Number of queens in a hive is

30. Queen is specified for

31. Sting apparatus in honey bee is a modified form of

32. The benefits of honey bees are

33. The fertile female honey bee is called

34. The honey bees exhibit a type of dance to communicate the location of food. This is known as

35. The stimuli through which a dancing scout bee communicates the location of a food source to other worker bees in a hive are

36. There is a ____________ on the outer surface of the hind tibia in the workers honey bee

37. What colour can the honey bee not see?

38. What colour is the bees blood?

39. What does pollen consist of mainly?

40. What does the bee use to orientate itself when flying during overcast weather without sunshine?

41. What does the beekeeper feed the bees with?

42. What is apiculture

43. What is not a bee product?

44. What is the International Federation of Beekeepers called?

45. What is the maximum life of a queen?

46. What is the name given to a colony of bees

47. What is varroa?

48. When honey is stored in the honey sac, it is mixed with the

49. Where are the most varroa usually found?

50. Where is the surplus honey stored in the bee colony?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Apiculture

Apiculture Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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