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Blood MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Blood multiple choice questions and answers on Blood MCQ questions quiz on Blood objectives questions with answer test pdf.

Blood Questions with Answers

1. Formation of blood cell is called:

2. During blood donation, the removal of blood components is called:

3. In Sickle cell anemia, red cell count is.

4. Size of red blood cell is:

5. The minimum weight of blood donor should be:

6. The lower limit of Hb in female blood donor is:

7. The disease cannot be transmitted through transfusion of blood is:

8. Red blood cells can be frozen and stored up to:

9. 500ml whole blood contains plasma approximately:

10. Immunological reactions of Blood transfusion include all except:

11. Primary reaction of Ag-Ab interaction is:

12. The conditions in which Bleeding time does not become prolonged is:

13. Clotting time has normal value of:

14. The common Blood group among these is:

15. Donation of blood can cause:

16. Whole blood is contraindicated except in:

17. In embryonic life, the blood cell development stage is:

18. All coagulation factors are stable at low freezing point except:

19. The normal platelet count in adult is:

20. In Blood, lack of intrinsic factors causes:


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Blood

Blood Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Blood Trivia Quiz

Blood Question and Answer PDF Online

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