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Kidney Questions with Answers

1. All the following statements are true of the H+ secreted into the lumen of the distal nephron except

2. Amino acids are almost completely reabsorbed from the glomerular filtrate via active transport in the

3. Ammonia is an affective important urinary buffer for which of the following reasons

4. An increase in the concentration of plasma potassium causes increase in

5. An increase in the osmolarity of the extracellular compartment will

6. Carbonic anhydrase plays an important role in all the following except

7. Diamox causes

8. Extracellular bicarbonate ions serve as effective buffer for all the following except

9. Glomerular filtration rate would be increased by

10. H+ secretion in the distal nephron is enhanced by all the following except

11. In controlling the synthesis and secretion of aldosterone, which of the following factors is least important ?

12. In the distal tubules, sodium reabsorption is increased directly by increased

13. In the presence of ADH, The distal nephron is least permeable to

14. K+ excretion is markedly influenced by

15. Major determinants of plasma osmolarity include all the following except

16. More hydrogen is secreted in

17. Most of the glucose that is filtered through the glomerulus undergoes reabsorption in the

18. Reabsorption of Na+

19. Renal correction of acute hyperkalemia will result in

20. Select the correct answer about proximal tubules

21. Significant buffers for hydrogen ions generated in the body from anaerobic metabolism include all the following except

22. The ability of the kidney to excrete a concentrated urine will increase if

23. The amount of H+ excreted as titratable acid bound to phosphate would be increased by all the following except

24. The amount of potassium excreted by the kidney will decreases if

25. The effect of antidiuretic hormone ( ADH ) on the kidney is to

26. The glomerular filtration barrier is composed of all the following except

27. The glomerular filtration rate will increase if

28. The greatest amount of hydrogen ion secreted by the proximal tubule is associated with

29. The hypothalamus will effect the release of ADH in response to all the following stimuli except

30. The primary renal site for the secretion of organic ions e.g urate, creatinine is

31. The volume of plasma needed each minute to supply a substance at the rate at which it is excreted in the urine is known as the

32. Urinary volume is increased by all the following except

33. When a person is dehydrated, hypotonic fluid will be found in the

34. Which of the following substances will be more concentrated at the end of the proximal tubule than at the beginning of the proximal tubule ?

35. Which one of the following statements about aldosterone is correct?

36. About the proximal convoluted tubules, all are true except

37. About urea, all are true except


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Kidney Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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