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Tissue Questions with Answers

1. Muscles responsible for movement of food in stomach are

2. Nervous tissues are found in

3. Parenchyma is a type of

4. Parenchyma: Simple::Phloem: ...................

5. Phloem in the plants perform the function of

6. Plant length is increased by

7. Smooth muscles occur in

8. Sprain is caused by excessive pulling of

9. Striated muscle is also called

10. Tendon is a structure which connects

11. Tendons and ligaments are

12. Tendons connect

13. The cell division is restricted to

14. The end of a long bone is connected to another bone by

15. Tissue that forms a complete communication system and performs function of information transmission is

16. Tissue which is found in abdomen, around kidneys and under skin is called

17. Transpiration and exchange of gases are functions of

18. Which are the four types of animal tissues?

19. Which are the two types of tissues?

20. Which of the following tissues is composed of mainly dead cells?

21. Which of these components of blood fights infection?

22. Which of these is not an epithelial tissue?

23. Which tissue forms new cells in plants.

24. Which tissue has cells in lacunae?

25. Which tissues prevent loss of water in plants.

26. Which type of tissue forms glands?

27. Xylem tissues are responsible for

28. A cell body which contains a nucleus and cytoplasm is

29. A group of cells alike in form, function and origin are called

30. Active division takes place in the cells of

31. Ciliated epithelium is found in

32. Collenchyma mainly forms

33. Cuboidal: Epithilial:: Cardiac: ..............

34. Epidermal tissues present in roots are responsible for

35. Fluid part of blood after removal of corpuscles is

36. Ligaments and tendons are formed of

37. Meristematic tissues and permanent tissues are types of


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Tissue

Tissue Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Tissue Trivia Quiz

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