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Respiration Questions with Answers

1. In human beings , partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the inspired and expired air respectively

2. Partial pressure of O2 in the inspired air is 156 mm Hg and that of CO2 is

3. Residual volume of the lung is

4. Partial pressure of Oxygen in the inspired and expired air is respectively

5. Tidal volume in Man is

6. Which of the following Hormone is secreted in excess when a person climbing a mountain

7. Semilunar cartilage inside the Laryngo tracheal chamber is

8. Plastron is the air bubble carrying respiratory air in the abdomen of

9. 2,3 DPG ( Diphospho glycerate ) is an important molecule that compete for Oxygen binding sites ofHemoglobin. It is present in

10. Chlorocruorin is a copper containing blood pigment found in some annelids like Sabell. Its colour in bothoxygenated and deoxygenated states is

11. Respiratory Quotient is not less than one in

12. Rectal respiration is seen in

13. Bovine tuberculosis is transmitted from cow to man through

14. Wall of Larynx is supported by the cartilage

15. The combination of Hemoglobin with Oxygen in the blood can be promoted by

16. Expiratory muscles contract at the time of

17. TB skin test is called “ Scatch test or Mantoux test “ in which Tuberculin Purified Protein Derivative ( PPD )is injected sub cutaneously This test is based on

18. Fick’s law of diffusion is related to

19. Hemoglobin affinity for Oxygen is ………………….to the P50 ( O2 tension that produces 50% saturation of Hb )

20. 2,3 DPG is synthesized from 3- phosphoglyceraldehyde through

21. Inflamation of the lung covering causing severe chest pain is

22. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( COPD ) includes

23. Most of the Antibiotics against Tb are not effective as the Tubercle bacterium has a resistive covering. One of the following drug is effectively used to control TB

24. Double Bohr effect ( Oxygen curves for maternal and foetal Hb move apart in opposite directions ) occurs in

25. Foetal hemoglobin has a Sigmoid dissociation curve which is shifted to left relative to adult Hb because

26. Chloride shift occurs from the plasma to the RBC and is meant for

27. In Carbon monoxide poisoning, Hemoglobin shows about 250 times greater affinity with CO2 than oxygen and Carbon The immediate remedy is monoxy heamoglobin( COHb ). This causes Oxygen starvation and Asphyxi

28. The Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium lining the trachea is composed of

29. Respiratory alkalosis is the increase in blood Ph and can be treated using the drug Acetazolamide which blocks Carbonic anhydrase enzyme. The main cause of Respiratory alkalosis is

30. Methamoglobin is the oxidized form of Hemoglobin that can not deliver oxygen and has a Bluish colour thatimpart a Cyanotic hue to tissues. It appears when

31. When Bohr effect occurs due to increased CO2 tension, Oxygen affinity of Hb decreases . The reason for increased CO2 tension is

32. Haldane effect refers to

33. Hiccup is due to

34. Pneumotaxic center is

35. Tracheal respiration is found in

36. Diaphragm is supplied with Phrenic nerve and is involved in

37. Pinnaglobin is a brown coloured blood pigment present in the plasma of the mollusk Pinn. It contains

38. Foetal hemoglobin has great affinity than adult hemoglobin because

39. During transportation of Carbon dioxide, blood will not become acidic, because

40. Mammalian RBC respire anaerobically because

41. 2,3 DPG causes shifting of Oxygen dissociation curve in Adult Hb to Right because

42. Dead air is not involved in respiration because

43. Opercular gills are found in

44. In which part of the body Mycobacterium tuberculosis affects

45. The impulse for voluntary muscles for forceful breathing starts in

46. The Alveolar epithelium is lined with

47. Which of the following gas mixture is used by Divers to prevent Oxygen toxicity

48. Oxygen dissociation curve shows the relation between

49. The common drugs used against TB is

50. Carbonic anhydrase in the RBC is the fastest enzyme and it decompose in one second for fast action. Its concentration in the blood due to the presence of


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Respiration Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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