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Digestive System MCQs questions answers

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Digestive System Questions with Answers

1. What constituent of bile has a digestive function?

2. Heartburn is usually cause

3. The stomach:

4. The gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) includes all of the following, EXCEPT

5. The salivary enzyme amylase functions to digest

6. The muscles of the esophagus squeeze the food downward using the process of

7. Peristalsis occurs in the digestive tract

8. Gastric juices in the stomach

9. What kind of movements occur when the smooth muscles contract rythmically in small sections of the tube?

10. What kind of smooth muscle movement includes a wavelike motion of contraction behind a mass of food?

11. Mechanical digestion begins in the:

12. Chemical digestion of starch foods begins in the

13. Chemical digestion of protein begins in the

14. Which of the following is NOT a secretory cell in the alimentary canal?

15. The correct sequence for the layers within the wall of the alimentary canal from inside to outside is

16. What are the 3 major salivary glands?

17. The purpose of the intestinal villi is to

18. When the stomach is empty, it folds up into wrinkles called

19. What breaks food into smaller pieces to begin mechanical digestion?

20. The liver functions to

21. The accessory digestive organs include all of the following, EXCEPT

22. By the time food leaves the stomach it is:

23. Digestion of which of the following would be affected the most if the liver were severely damaged?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Digestive System

Digestive System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Digestive System Trivia Quiz

Digestive System Question and Answer PDF Online

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