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MCQ quiz on Invertebrates multiple choice questions and answers on invertebrates MCQ questions quiz on invertebrates objectives questions with answer test pdf.

Invertebrates Questions with Answers

1. Which cells in a sponge are primarily responsible for trapping and removing food particles from circulating water?

2. Which of the following is correctly associated with sponges?

3. A sponges structural materials (spicules, spongin) are manufactured by the

4. Which of these can be observed in the mesohyl of various undisturbed sponges at one time or another?1. amoebocytes2. spicules3. spongin4. zygotes5. choanocytes

5. Which chemical is synthesized by some sponges and acts as an antibiotic?

6. In terms of food capture, which sponge cell is most similar to the cnidocyte of a Cnidarian?

7. A radially symmetrical animal that has two embryonic tissue layers probably belongs to which phylum?

8. Which of the following are characteristics of the phylum Cnidaria?1. a gastrovascular cavity2. a polyp stage3. a medusa stage4. cnidocytes5. a pseudocoelom

9. Which of the following is true of members of the phylum Cnidaria?

10. The members of which class of the phylum Cnidaria occur only as polyps?

11. Which class of the phylum Cnidaria includes?jellies?with rounded (as opposed to box like medusae?)

12. Corals are most closely related to which group?

13. Which characteristic is shared by both cnidarians and flatworms?

14. Generally, members of which flatworm class(es) are nonparasitic?

15. In a small stream, you pick up a rock and observe many small, flattened worms crawling on its undersurface.You decide that they belong to the phylum Platyhelminthes. To which class do they probably belong?

16. What would be the most effective method of reducing the incidence of blood flukes in a human population?

17. The larvae of many common tapeworm species that infect humans are usually found

18. While vacationing in a country that lacks adequate meat inspection, a student ate undercooked ground beef.Sometime later the student became easily fatigued, and lost body weight. At about the same time, whitish,flattened, rectangular objects full of small white spheres started appearing in his feces. Administration of niclosamide cured the problem. The student had probably been infected by a

19. Which of the following correctly characterizes the phylum Rotifera?

20. Which of the following statements about tapeworm feeding methods is correct?

21. While sampling marine plankton in a lab, a student encounters large numbers of fertilized eggs. The studentrears some of the eggs in the laboratory for further study and finds that the blastopore becomes the mouth. Theembryo develops into a trochophore larva and eventually has a true coelom. These eggs probably belonged toa(n)

22. A lophophore is used by ectoprocts and brachiopods

23. A brachiopod can be distinguished from a bivalve by the presence of

24. If a lung were to be found in a mollusc, where would it be located?

25. Which molluscan class includes members that undergo embryonic torsion?

26. A terrestrial mollusc without a shell belongs to which class?

27. Which molluscan class includes marine organisms whose shell consists of eight plates?

28. A radula is present in members of which class(es)?

29. While snorkeling, a student observes an active marine animal that has a series of muscular tentacles bearing suckers associated with its head. Segmentation is not observed, but a pair of large, well-developed eyes is evident. The student is observing an animal belonging to which class?

30. Which molluscan class includes organisms that are primarily suspension feeders?

31. Of the annelid classes below, which have parapodia?

32. Many of which of the following annelid classes are parasites?

33. Of the annelid classes below, which have externally segmented bodies?

34. Of the annelid classes below, which make castings that are agriculturally important?


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Invertebrates Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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