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Insects Questions with Answers

1. A caterpillar is the ............. stage of a butterfly.

2. A chrysalis is the ............. stage of a butterfly.

3. How do most insects respire?

4. How many pairs of legs do insects have?

5. In an incomplete metamorphosis, an insect:

6. In complete metamorphosis, an insect:

7. Musca domestica is the scientific name of

8. Rearing of which of these insects is known as apiculture?

9. The legs of insects are joined to its

10. The monarch butterfly survives the winter by:

11. The poison of honey bee or ant is .......... in nature.

12. The study of insects is known as

13. The three insect body parts include the:

14. Which acid is present in bee sting?

15. Which of the following are traits of an insect?

16. Which of the following breathe through spiracles?

17. Which of the following breathes through its skin?

18. Which of the following is NOT an insect?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Insects

Insects Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Insects Trivia Quiz

Insects Question and Answer PDF Online

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