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Bones Quiz Question with Answer

1. The inner lining of the bone shaft is called:

  1. osteon
  2. periosteum
  3. endosteum
  4. osteoblast

2. Long bones enlarge at the ends into:

  1. osteons
  2. periosteum
  3. endosteum
  4. epiphysis

3. The periosteum is attached to the outside of bone by:

  1. osteons
  2. trabeculae spicules
  3. endosteum
  4. Sharpys fibers

4. Compact bone is made up of:

  1. osteons
  2. trabeculae spicules
  3. spongy bone
  4. all of the above

5. The hyoid bone is the only bone that:

  1. protects the elbow
  2. is vestigial and serves no purpose in the body
  3. forms the tailbone
  4. does not articulate with any other bone

6. The role of the articular cartilage is to:

  1. supply oxygen for joint movement
  2. supply support for joint movement
  3. supply blood vessels to the joint
  4. supply a friction free surface for joint movement

7. The role of the periosteum is to:

  1. supply texture to the bone
  2. supply support to the bone
  3. supply blood vessels and nerves to bone
  4. none of the above

8. Bones serve all of the following functions except:

  1. support, protection, and movement
  2. transportation of substances
  3. storage
  4. blood cell formation

9. Bones united by fibrous tissue, such as thesutures in the skull, are

  1. synovial joints
  2. cartilaginous joints
  3. fibrous joints
  4. diarthroses

10. Which joint contains articular cartilage, a fibrous articular capsule, a joint cavity, and reinforcing ligaments?

  1. synovial joints
  2. cartilaginous joints
  3. fibrous joints
  4. syndesmoses

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