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MCQ quiz on First aid multiple choice questions and answers on First aid MCQ questions quiz on First aid objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

First aid Questions with Answers

1. Wounds that would require stitches are

2. You have a person who is conscious and refuses help, they laps into anunconscious state, what should you do?

3. A girl has her tooth knocked out and she has found the tooth, which is the best action to take:

4. Your driving your route and you come across a victim lying in the middle of the road that appears to be unconscious, you should

5. A boy has his finger severed off, what action would be the best?

6. Which symptoms would indicate internal bleeding?

7. Dressing and bandages are used to

8. Which would you do when caring for a seizure victim?

9. A boy is shot with an arrow through the chest and out the back, what would be the best course of action?

10. When caring for a victim who has an object impaled in their hand, you should

11. You find a person at the bottom of the stairs. He appears to have fallen and seems badly hurt. After sending someone for help, you would

12. A boy with frostbite on his feet, what should you do?

13. Dressings and pads

14. When caring for someone who is suffering from frostbite, you should not

15. Which is not a symptom of shock

16. A boy enters your bus, you smell alcohol, he passes out before you get to His bus stop, what should you do?

17. You are caring for a victim with a burned hand. Put the hand in cool water if

18. To encourage people to help others in emergency situations, most states have enacted laws, which protect you, as a rescuer, from being sued. This is called.

19. For an infant who is choking, you would perform

20. You suspect that a person has been poisoned. She is conscious. Your first call should be to

21. Shock is a condition where:

22. Elastic bandages are used

23. Why should you cover burns with a clean or sterile dressing?

24. When caring for a choking infant, what position is the infant held in?

25. When caring for a victim who has a large burn on their forearm, you

26. Snakebites can be very serious. When caring for a snakebite victim, which should you not do?

27. How can you reduce the risk of disease transmission when caring for open, bleeding wounds?

28. When can you move a victim?

29. What would you do if a victim had a body part torn or cut off?

30. Most injuries are due to situations that

31. Splint an injury to a muscle, bone, or joint only when

32. When performing CPR on a child, how deep should the chest compressions be?

33. When performing CPR on an adult, how deep should the chest compressions be?

34. What is the CPR procedure for a six-year-old boy?

35. When performing adult CPR you give

36. When helping an unconscious choking victim, you would give an adult ……………… chest thrusts. For an infant you would give ………………. back blows and ………… chest thrusts.

37. When performing CPR on a child you give

38. For which of the following burn victims should you immediately call yourlocal emergency phone number?

39. A wound where there is damage to the soft tissue and blood vessels under the skin is called

40. What is the most common reason an infants heart stops?

41. Which should be part of your care for a severely bleeding open wound?

42. Which of the following behaviors reduces your risk for injury?

43. You should suspect that a victim has head and spine injuries for

44. When caring for a victim with a bloody nose you would not

45. When caring for a student who is suffering from heat cramps.

46. Which is the first step when caring for bleeding wounds.

47. What should you do if you think a victim has serious internal bleeding?

48. A girl at one of your bus stops indicates that she was bitten by a snake,What do you do?

49. Bandages are used for

50. You may suspect that a student has been poisoned if they


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First aid Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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