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First aid Quiz Question with Answer

1. Wounds that would require stitches are

  1. Over an inch long
  2. Bleeding from an artery or uncontrolled bleeding
  3. Human or animal bites
  4. All of the above

2. You have a person who is conscious and refuses help, they laps into anunconscious state, what should you do?

  1. Permission is Implied if the victim is unconscious
  2. Call 911 and begin to give care
  3. Call 911 and wait until professional help arrives
  4. Both a & b

3. A girl has her tooth knocked out and she has found the tooth, which is the best action to take:

  1. Place the tooth under her armpit and take her to the dentist
  2. Wrap the tooth in sterile gauze and take her to the dentist
  3. Place the tooth in a closed container of cool milk or water, until she reaches the dentist
  4. Have her place the tooth under her tongue until she reaches the dentist

4. Your driving your route and you come across a victim lying in the middle of the road that appears to be unconscious, you should

  1. pull the bus safely to the side of the road place your reflectors around the injured person and call 911
  2. Position your bus to protect the victim, turn on your flashing red lights, call 911
  3. Pull the bus safely to the side of the road, drag the victim out of the roadway, call 911
  4. Continue driving to the nearest phone, Call 911

5. A boy has his finger severed off, what action would be the best?

  1. Put the severed end of the finger back in place, wrap entire finger inSterile gauze and transport to hospital immediately
  2. Wrap the severed finger in sterile gauze, place it in a plastic bag, put the bag on ice transportboth finger and the victim to the hospital
  3. Place the severed finger in a plastic bag, have the boy place the bag under his armpit, transport immediately to the hospital
  4. Place a tourniquet at the stub where the finger was severed to control bleeding transport tohospital immediately

6. Which symptoms would indicate internal bleeding?

  1. Rapid weak pulse, Excessive thirst
  2. Skin that feels cool or moist, or looks pale or bluish
  3. Tender, swollen, bruised, or hard areas of his body, such as the abdomen
  4. All of the above

7. Dressing and bandages are used to

  1. Reduce the victims pain
  2. Reduce internal bleeding
  3. Help control bleeding and prevent infection
  4. Make it easier to take the victim to the hospital

8. Which would you do when caring for a seizure victim?

  1. Remove nearby objects that might cause injury
  2. Place a small object, such as a rolled up piece of cloth, between theVictims teeth
  3. Try to hold the person still
  4. All of the above

9. A boy is shot with an arrow through the chest and out the back, what would be the best course of action?

  1. Remove the arrow and apply sterile gauze to the wound
  2. Do not remove the arrow, place several dressing around the arrow to keep it from moving,bandage the dressings in place around the arrow
  3. Do not remove the arrow; break off the part out the back, bandage with dressing around the arrow to hold it in place
  4. Remove the arrow, wash the area, and bandage with sterile gauze

10. When caring for a victim who has an object impaled in their hand, you should

  1. Remove the object, flush with cool water, and transport to hospital
  2. Immobilize the object by placing several dressings around it
  3. Break object off where it sticks out, and bandage injury
  4. None of the above

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