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Protists and Fungi Quiz Question with Answer

1. A mushroom is a fungal

  1. fruiting body.
  2. mycorrhiza.
  3. lichen.
  4. yeast.

2. A protist is any organism that is not a plant, an animal, a fungus, or a(an)

  1. eukaryote.
  2. eubacterium.
  3. prokaryote.
  4. archaebacterium.

3. All fungi

  1. make their food.
  2. produce mushrooms.
  3. absorb their food.
  4. have chlorophyll.

4. An algal bloom is

  1. the clouding of water by sewage.
  2. a symbiotic relationship between algae and coral.
  3. an enormous mass of algae.
  4. none of the above

5. An important role of fungi in an ecosystem is

  1. photosynthesis.
  2. making alcohol.
  3. breaking down dead organisms.
  4. killing bacteria.

6. Dark fuzz that grows on bread is an example of

  1. toadstool.
  2. yeast.
  3. spore.
  4. mold.

7. Fungi do NOT

  1. carry on photosynthesis.
  2. digest food outside their bodies.
  3. grow on their food source.
  4. absorb food through their cell walls.

8. Fungi feed on

  1. only living organisms.
  2. both living and dead organisms.
  3. only dead organisms.
  4. only other fungi.

9. Fungi resemble plants in that they both always

  1. have stems.
  2. are multicellular.
  3. grow from the ground.
  4. have cell walls.

10. Fungi that absorb food from decaying organic matter are

  1. parasites.
  2. mutualists.
  3. saprobes.
  4. autotrophs.

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Protists and Fungi Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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