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Human Physiology MCQs questions answers

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Human Physiology Questions with Answers

1. Combination of heam with O2 is called

2. Adult haemoglobin contains ................ polypeptide chains

3. Average mean corpuscular diameter is ................ ┬Ám

4. Commonest anaemia in India is

5. During erythropoiesis haemoglobin first appears in

6. During hypoxia Kidney releases

7. Each gram% of haemoglobin, when fully saturated, can carry ................ ml of O2

8. Each haemoglobin molecules carries ................ number of O2 molecules

9. In RER, ribosomes are located on

10. In Sickle cell anaemia, the defect lies in which polypeptide

11. Increase in RBC count beyond 10 million per cu mm is known as

12. Intrinsic factor is secreted by

13. Largest WBCs in peripheral blood is

14. Smallest blood cell is

15. The process by which WBCs squeeze through pores in capillary wall is

16. The term ER was coined by

17. Which of the following extrinsic factor is required for maturation of RBCs

18. Which of the following organelle has a continuous connection with nuclear membrane

19. Which of the following statements are correct regarding Golgi apparatus

20. Which of the following statements were true regarding ER


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Human Physiology

Human Physiology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Human Physiology Trivia Quiz

Human Physiology Question and Answer PDF Online

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