Biological Classification MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Biological Classification MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Biological Classification multiple choice questions and answers on Biological Classification MCQ questions on Biological Classifications objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

Biological Classification Questions with Answers

1. A dikaryon is formed when

2. A virus contains

3. African sleeping sickness is caused by

4. All eukaryotic unicellular organisms belong to

5. All fungi are

6. All the bacteria fix nitrogen except

7. An association between roots of higher plants and fungi is called

8. Associations between Mycobiont and Phycobiont are found in

9. By how many criteria, living organisms have been classified into five kingdom

10. Class dicotyledon is divided into

11. Contagium vivum fluidum was proposed by

12. Difference between Virus and Viroid is

13. Embryo is not formed in

14. Example of blue green algae is in

15. Extra chromosomal, circular, double stranded, self replicating DNA molecule in bacteria is called

16. Fruiting body is characteristic of

17. Fungi which grow in dung are termed as

18. Fungus cell wall is made up of

19. Halophiles is also called

20. If the seeds are formed from the megasporophylls and not enclosed in a fruits the plant belongs to

21. In Fungi reserved food materials are

22. In lichens fungal component is known as

23. In which plant, gametophytic phase is main and sporophytic phase is subsidiary

24. Membranous infoling in bacteria that initiate DNA replication is

25. Microsporophyll :stamen then Megasporophyll

26. Naked cytoplasm, multinucleated and saprophytic is the characteristics of

27. On the basis of structural form lichen are

28. Organisms living in salty areas are called as

29. Plant of this group possess naked seed

30. pre-fertilized endosperms is characterstics of

31. Presence of rigid cell wall is characterized by kingdom

32. Prokaryotes are included in the kingdom

33. Protista include

34. Some bacteria thrive in extreme environment conditions such as absence of oxygen, high salt concentration, high temperature and acidic pH. Name them

35. Study of lichens is called

36. Symbiotic relationship is found in

37. The biggest and dominant group is

38. The first land plant on earth was

39. The five-kingdom classification was proposed by

40. The main structural component of virus is

41. The name virus was given by

42. The plant cell without chloroplast is

43. The region where bacterial genome resides is termed as

44. The salest gymnosperm is

45. The study of algae is called

46. The study of fungi is

47. The tallest livig tree in the world is

48. The tallest living tree of angiosperm is

49. TMV virus was discovered by

50. Viroids were discovered by


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Biological Classification

Biological Classification Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Biological Classification Trivia Quiz

Biological Classification Question and Answer PDF Online

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