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Excretion Questions with Answers

1. Protein rich diet bring about relatively no change in one of the following constituents of urine

2. The blood constituents that remain unchanged in quality after circulating through the kidneys are

3. Presence of excessive ammount urea in blood is known as

4. Man is .........

5. Excretion of nitrogenous waste produt is remirolid form occure in

6. Marine teleost fishes excrete

7. For release of Urine

8. The mechnism of urine foundation nephrone involves

9. Which hormone influence the activity of kidney?

10. Sebaceous glands discharge

11. Sweat gland secretion consist of

12. Kidney are

13. How many NH3 required for a urea

14. Urine produced by human kidney is concertratal by ............. times than the initial filtrate formed

15. Each human kidney has nearly

16. kidney in human being occure in the region of:

17. The glomerular filteration rate in a normal adult is nearly

18. What is the approximately length and diameter of uriniterous tubule?

19. The net pressure glaient that cause the luid to filler out the glomeruti into thecapsule is

20. Secretion of renin from JG cell is due to

21. A process takes place in PCT is

22. Glucose is reabsorbed from glomerular filterate though

23. Juxta glomerular cells of renal cortex synthesize a hormone called:

24. If liver from body is removed then which component of blood increases

25. the least toric nitrogen waste of urine is

26. Involving mainly in RAAS

27. It is also acivate the adraral cortex to release aldosterone

28. Urinary Excretion of Na is regulated by

29. Urea formation occure by:

30. which of these is not a keton body

31. the two kidneys lie:

32. A kidney stone is

33. The yellow colour of urine of the vertebrates in due to

34. Lungs expel

35. In ornithin cycle which of the following waste are removed from the blood?

36. Main function of uriniferous tubules

37. Loop of henle and collecting ducts are locketed in kidney is

38. Peritubuler is in

39. The function of renin is

40. Which one of the following statement is impereble to water

41. Proboscis gland is balanoglossus is associated with

42. Angitensinogen is converted in Angiotensin by

43. Passage of urine

44. Uric acid is the chief nitrogenous component of the excretory product of

45. A person underoing protonged fsting his urine will be ound to contain abnormal quantities of

46. In Amoeba amonia is excreted by

47. Function of loop of Henle is

48. Part not belonging to urinferous tubule is

49. Presence of blood in urine is known as

50. Haemodialysis helps the paitent having


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Excretion

Excretion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Excretion Trivia Quiz

Excretion Question and Answer PDF Online

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