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Anatomy MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Anatomy multiple choice questions and answers on Anatomy MCQ questions quiz on Anatomy objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

Anatomy Questions with Answers

1. A muscle which flexes both hip and knee joints is

2. Abnormal lateral curvature of vertebral column is known as

3. All are the contents of spermatic cord EXCEPT

4. All are the contents of supeficial perineal pouch EXCEPT

5. Ansa cervicalis innervates which muscle

6. Average diameter of ureter is

7. Branchial efferent column in pons innervates muscles of

8. Calcitonin is secreted by

9. Cerebellum sends efferent fibres to each of the following EXCEPT

10. Chromosome constitution of secondary oocyte is

11. Commonest position of appendix is

12. Commonest type of inversion of testes is

13. Conjoint tendon is formed by

14. Cornea lacks all EXCEPT

15. Damage to which nerve results in an inability to oppose thumb to the littlefinger?

16. Disc between which vertebra corresponds to the highest point on the iliac crest?

17. First tributary of internal jugular vein is

18. Following are all the features of cerebellar lesions EXCEPT

19. Following are the boundaries of epiploeic foramen EXCEPT

20. Following are the contents of carpal tunnel EXCEPT

21. Following are the contents of inguinal canal in males EXCEPT

22. Following are the contents of middle ear cavity EXCEPT

23. Following are the features of broncho pulmonary segment EXCEPT

24. Following are the single gene disorders EXCEPT

25. Following are the sites of internal haemorrhoids EXCEPT

26. Following are tributaries of cavernous sinus EXCEPT

27. Following bones take part in lateral longitudinal arch EXCEPT

28. Following individuals show presence of Barr body EXCEPT

29. Following muscles are inserted into greater trochanter of femur EXCEPT

30. Following muscles are supplied by femoral nerve EXCEPT

31. Following muscles are the abductors of eye EXCEPT

32. Following muscles produce elevation of scapula EXCEPT

33. Following muscles produce medial rotation of humerus EXCEPT

34. Following structures are related to mediastinal surface of left lungEXCEPT

35. Following structures form stomach bed EXCEPT

36. Following structures represent derivatives of dorsal mesogastrium EXCEPT

37. Following veins are tributaries of portal vein EXCEPT

38. Foramen secundum is a gap in

39. Gland receiving secretomotor fibres from pterygo palatine ganglion is

40. Gyrus occupying Brocas speech area is

41. How many pairs of cervical nerves are there?

42. In midbrain following structures are found at the level of occulomotor nervenucleus

43. Internal mammrry artery supplies all EXCEPT

44. Left testicular vein drains in

45. Lining epithelium of lung alveolus is

46. Lymph nodes receiving lymphatics from testis are

47. Muscle derived from 2nd arch of mesoderm is

48. Nerve carrying secretomotor fibres for parotid gland is

49. Nerve carrying sense of taste from circumvallate papillae is

50. Nerve piercing and lying on psoas major is


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Anatomy

Anatomy Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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