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Nervous System Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following is associated with the evolution of a central nervous system?

2. What is the neocortex?

3. Which of the following is a neuropeptide that functions as a natural analgesic?

4. Which of the following is an amino acid that operates at inhibitory synapses in the brain?

5. Wakefulness is regulated by the reticular formation, which is present in the

6. Short-term memory information processing usually causes changes in the

7. In a cephalized invertebrate, which system transmits impulses from the anterior ganglion to distal segments?

8. In the vertebrate brain and spinal cord there are several types of glial cells in which system?

9. Cranial nerves originate in the brain. They belong to which system?

10. Which system controls smooth and cardiac muscles of the digestive, cardiovascular, and excretory systems?

11. Which of the following produces hormones that are secreted by the pituitary gland?

12. Which of the following coordinates muscle actions?

13. Which of the following regulates body temperature?

14. Which of the following contains regulatory centers for the respiratory and circulatory systems?

15. Which of the following contains regions that help regulate hunger and thirst?

16. The motor cortex is part of which part of the nervous system?

17. Patients with damage to Wernickes area have difficulty

18. Our understanding of mental illness has been most advanced by discoveries involving

19. The establishment and expression of emotions involves the

20. Cerebrospinal fluid can be described as all of the following except

21. The blood-brain barrier

22. Which of the following is correct about the telencephalon region of the brain?

23. Which of the following describes the functional controls of Wernickes area?

24. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland. It can be used to treat symptoms of sleep disorders and seasonal affective disorder because

25. The divisions of the nervous system that have antagonistic actions, or opposing actions are

26. What controls the heart rate?

27. What do Wernickes and Brocas regions of the brain affect?

28. The sympathetic division of the autonomic portion of the PNS does all of the following except

29. Which of the following activities would be associated with the parasympathetic division of the nervoussystem?

30. Bipolar disorder differs from schizophrenia in that

31. The cerebral cortex plays a major role in all of the following except

32. By comparing the size and degree of convolution of various vertebrate cerebral cortices, biologists would gaininsight into the relative

33. Which processes in animals are regulated by circadian rhythms?

34. Integration of simple responses to certain stimuli, such as the patellar reflex, is accomplished by which of the following?

35. Which part of the vertebrate nervous system is most involved in preparation for the fight -or-flight response?

36. If you were writing an essay, which part of the brain would be most active?

37. Which area of the brain is most intimately associated with the unconscious control of respiration and circulation?

38. Suprachiasmatic nuclei are found in which structure?

39. Cerebral palsy, which disrupts motor messages from brain to muscle, is usually due to damage of

40. When Phineas Gage had a metal rod driven into his frontal lobe or when someone had a frontal lobotomy,which of the following occurred?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Nervous System

Nervous System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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