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Botany Questions with Answers

1. Green house effect is related to

2. Green manure plants used by farmers mainly belong to

3. Horticulture is the study that includes

4. In cold places frost damage can be reduced in horticultural crops using these methods except

5. In cutting method of vegetative propagation, cuttings are mainly taken from

6. In hybridization this is not part of the technique used

7. Increasing high skin cancer and high mutation rate are

8. Itai-Itai disease is due to the toxicity of

9. Layering can be done on plants such as

10. Layering can be done on plants such as

11. Lichens indicate pollution by

12. Linnaeus is credited with introducing

13. Main function of biofertilizer is

14. Main function of biofertilizer is

15. Major aerosol pollutant in Jet Plane emission is

16. Minamata disease is due to pollutant

17. Most abundant water pollutant is

18. Mycorrhizae is associated with the following

19. Noise Pollution is measured in

20. Onion and garlic are examples of

21. Ozone day is observed on

22. Ozone hole causes

23. Ozone hole is caused by

24. Ozone layer is found in

25. Pesticide responsible for Ozone depletion is

26. Pollutants released from paddy field is

27. Pudding is done to

28. Role of CFC present in atmosphere is to

29. Root suckers are

30. Rootex contains

31. Roses can grow successfully if stock and scion are

32. Seed treatment is done to control

33. Seed treatment with Vitavex is the main controlling method of

34. SO2 and NO2 Produce pollution by increasing

35. SO2 pollution causes

36. Sound becomes hazardous noise pollution at level

37. Spot the odd one

38. Spraying of DDT produces pollution of

39. The desired varieties of economically useful crops are raised by

40. The following is not a plant growth regulator

41. The instrument, which is used for sowing of seed with fertilizer together at a time, is

42. The main atmospheric layer near the surface of earth is

43. The main function of NABARD is

44. The newspaper contains one of the following toxic material

45. The pH in soils can be raised by adding:

46. The process by which nutrient chemicals or contaminants are dissolved and carried away by water, or are moved into a lower layer of soil

47. The word Agriculture is derived from

48. The worst enemy of ozone is

49. Thermal pollution is more common near

50. Tissue culture is a good technique to


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Botany Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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