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Mineral Nutrition MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Mineral nutrition multiple choice questions and answers on Mineral nutrition MCQ questions quiz on Mineral nutrition objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

Mineral Nutrition Questions with Answers

1. According to mass flow principle what is responsible for absorption of water ?

2. By which nitrite is converted into nitrate ?

3. By which principle, indirect storage of stable and non-diffusible ions is explained ?

4. Deficiency of which element kills terminal buds leaving a rosette effect on the plant ?

5. Deficiency of which element shows stunted growth ?

6. Deficiency of which mineral causes shortening of internodes and reduction in cambium activity ?

7. Donnan equillibrium is achieved at which surface ?

8. Due to natural lightening

9. Due to which element deficiency bark of tree becomes rough and gets split and exudes gum-like secretion ?

10. Due to which type of bacteria atmospheric N2 is maintained ?

11. Formation of FAD during N2 fixation occurs during which processes ?

12. Formation of NO2 and NO3 from NH3 is indentified by which name ?

13. In the first phase of absorption of mineral ions from soil to root, element passes through which plant?

14. In which form Phosphorous is absorbed from soil ?

15. Of the following, S is essential for best production of which crop ?

16. One plant is given Urea fertilizer, but it has deficiency of phosphorous, this plant will show which symptom ?

17. Out of the following, what is the function of Potasium ?

18. Standards for mineral elements essentially was suggested by which scientist ?

19. State deficiency of Cl.

20. State deficiency symptoms of Mo.

21. State importance of Ca.

22. State importance of iron ?

23. The absorption, distribution and metabolism of various mineral elements is called

24. The method of hydroponic in which with the use of NFT, automatically, nutrient rich solution is given, is called

25. The process which release NA3 from Nitrogenous excretory waste is known as

26. The region within the plasma membrance and within the vacuole is called ?

27. Toxicity of Mn inhibits function of which other elements ?

28. What is concentration of micronutrients in the dry mass of plants per gram ?

29. What is responsible for N2 fixation in Rhizobium ?

30. What is the function of leg haemoglobin ?

31. What is the function of Zn ?

32. Which amino acid acts as a main donor of amino group in transamination ?

33. Which amino acid is formed when a keto - glutaric acid reacts with NH3 during transmmination ?

34. Which element deficiency shows bronzing leaves ?

35. Which element is necessary for meristmatic tissue and differentiating tissues ?

36. Which element is necessary to stabilize ribosomes ?

37. Which element is required for absorption and utilization of calcium ?

38. Which element is required for photolysis of water during photosynthesis ?

39. Which elements play significant role in structure and synthesis ofchlorophyll ?

40. Which group is included in Macronutrients?

41. Which group is included in micronutrients ?

42. Which inorganic substance is obtained by N2 - fraction ?

43. Which is correct statement for Active transport ?

44. Which is improper pair of the following ?

45. Which is proper pair of ions and its deficiency symtoms ?

46. Which is the true statement for the vanadium element ?

47. Which method of hydroponics is used for providing nutrients to plants or seedlings in environment saturated with fine droplets of nutrients ?

48. Which method of hydroponics used for raising plants in solution filled containers such as a glass, jars, buckets, tubs and water tanks ?

49. Which of the following is not related with intra cellular fluid ?

50. Which substances of soil water are degraded gradually by, atmosphere and microorganisms ?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Mineral Nutrition

Mineral Nutrition Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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