The Fundamental Unit of Life MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

The Fundamental Unit of Life MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on The Fundamental Unit of Life Class 9 Science multiple choice questions and answers on The Fundamental Unit of Life MCQ questions on The Fundamental Unit of Life objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

The Fundamental Unit of Life Questions with Answers

1. A cell loses water by osmosis when kept in a solution having a lower concentration of water than the cell. The given solution is

2. A plant cell placed in a hypo-tonic solution will not burst because of presence of

3. Amoeba acquires its food by the process of

4. An organism has poorly defined nuclear membrane in its cells. This organism could be a/an

5. Besides nucleus, DNA is also present in

6. Cell theory was proposed by

7. Cell wall is absent in

8. Cell wall of plants is mainly composed of

9. Chemical nature of carrier molecules facilitating transport across plasma membrane is:

10. Chromosomes are composed of

11. ER remains associated with

12. Find the best definition of vacuole ?

13. Find the correct statement:

14. Identify the organelle that exists only in plant cell but NOT in an animal cell?

15. If the ribosome of a cell are destroyed then

16. In chloroplasts, light is captured by

17. Largest number of cell bodies of neuron in our body are found in:

18. Plasma membrane is composed of

19. Root hairs absorb water from soil by the process of

20. Select the correct match:

21. Select the correct pair that comprises of only unicellular organisms

22. Select the odd group from the following.

23. The transportation of materials in the cell is done by

24. Vacuole is surrounded by:

25. What are suicide bags?

26. What is autolysis ?

27. What is meant by multicellular ?

28. What is the function of the central vacuole in plants?

29. What is the important function of nucleus?

30. What is the meaning of Omnis Cellulae Cellula?

31. Which cell organelle is not bound by a unit membrane?

32. Which of the cell organelle take part in the formation of acrosome?

33. Which of the following cell organelles can make complex sugars from simple sugars?

34. Which of these is acellular?

35. Which structure in plant cell is responsible for providing the energy required to drive cellular processes?

36. Which structures can be found in all plant and animal cells?

37. Why is it crucial for root hair cells to have a long, narrow cytoplasmic extension?

38. X is a double membraned organelle that oxidises food present in cell to release energy. X is


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Fundamental Unit of Life

The Fundamental Unit of Life Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

The Fundamental Unit of Life Trivia Quiz

The Fundamental Unit of Life Question and Answer PDF Online

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