Reproduction in Animals MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

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MCQ quiz on Reproduction in Animals multiple choice questions and answers on Reproduction in Animals MCQ questions quiz on Reproduction in Animals objectives questions with answer test pdf.

Reproduction in Animals Questions with Answers

1. Human Male germ cell is

2. Every month ____ mature egg(s) can be released from human ovary

3. The male gametes are produced by?

4. Dolly the famous animal was a

5. Fertilization results into formation of

6. The zygote that develops into tissues and organs of the body is known as ...

7. In asexual reproduction involves _______

8. Internal fertilization does not occur in

9. Which one is not an oviparous animal?

10. The animals which give birth to young ones are known as ...

11. The fusion of male and female gametes that takes place outside the body of the female is called ...

12. The transformation of the larva into an adult through drastic changes is called

13. The female gametes are produced by?

14. During a cell division

15. The male gametes are called ...

16. The female gametes are called ...

17. The animals which lay eggs are known as ...

18. The stage when all the body parts can be identified is known as ...

19. Budding is found in

20. The fusion of the egg and the sperm is called ...


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Reproduction in Animals

Reproduction in Animals Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Reproduction in Animals Trivia Quiz

Reproduction in Animals Question and Answer PDF Online

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