Disaster Management Quiz Question with Answer

81. The nodal department for wind detection IMD refers to

  1. Indian meteorological department
  2. Indian metrological department
  3. Indian metallurgical department
  4. None of these

82. The North-East India is seismically one of the six most active regions of the world along with the other five zones of

  1. Mexico, Taiwan, California, Japan and Turkey
  2. Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Syria
  3. Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea and North Korea
  4. Turkey, Japan, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

83. The phrase WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION entered widespread usage in?

  1. 2003
  2. 2001
  3. 2002
  4. 2004

84. The place of origin an earth quake is called

  1. Focus
  2. Epicentre
  3. Centre
  4. Core

85. The point within the earth where earthquake generated is called

  1. Focus of epicenter
  2. Focus of foci
  3. Focus of hypocenter
  4. None of these

86. The presence of high hill ranges with alternate valleys in Tripura is much similar to the ridge-Vale topography of

  1. The Manipur hills
  2. The Alps of Europe
  3. The Appalachian region of USA
  4. The Eastern Ghats of India

87. The primary goal of a disaster preparedness plan is:

  1. To protect the population
  2. To protect valuable resources
  3. To keep communications lines open
  4. To protect environmental health personnel

88. The primary result of earthquakes is

  1. Building and bridge collapsed
  2. Rapture of water and gas pipelines
  3. Change in course of river and creation of new islands
  4. All of the above

89. The process of identifying the probability of occurrence of a natural hazard of a given intensity at a specific location based on an analysis of natural processes and site conditions is termed as

  1. Disaster calculation
  2. Hazard Assessment
  3. Hazard calculation
  4. None of the above

90. The Richter Scale is used for measuring of

  1. Density of liquids
  2. Speed of Aeroplane
  3. Intensity of earthquakes
  4. Depth of mines.

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