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Disaster Management MCQs questions answers

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Disaster Management Questions with Answers

251. Flood risk refers to:

252. For coordinating disaster management activities for all natural hazards, the Nodal Agency at the Central Govt is the?

253. From the following, which one is the natural hazard?

254. From where earth quake waves are generated?

255. Full form of DDMA

256. Full form of EVD

257. Full form of NGO

258. Full form of PPP

259. H1N1 virus is

260. Hazards and Disasters are mainly classified as

261. High vulnerability and high hazard are associated with

262. How many Blocks are there in Tripura

263. How many Districts in Tripura

264. How many of 35 Indian States and Union Territories are disaster prone?

265. How many sub divisions in Tripura

266. How many types of Hazards are there

267. How much of India's coastline is vulnerable to Disasters?

268. How much percentage of Indian land is prone to earthquakes?

269. Human induced hazards can be classified into

270. Hurricans cyclone are formed in

271. In alpine regions reservoirs are created

272. In Australia, the average annual cost of floods is around:

273. In Australia, the most expensive natural disaster is:

274. In India, highest percentage of damages causes by flood hazards

275. In the eye of the cyclone the temperature is:

276. In the future, which of the following is expected to increase the risk of flooding?

277. In Tripura, which nodal agency play crucial role in organising community capacity building programmes and conducting mock drills at State, District and Block levels

278. In which date tsunami occurred in Indoneshia

279. In which earthquake, the stones on the roads of Shillong as said to have vibrated like peas on a drum?

280. In which month in India, floods are likely to occur?

281. In which year a cyclone struck the Coastal Andhra in Krishna Godavari delta and caused havoc?

282. National Institute of Disaster management in India is located at?

283. Which of the following activities is covered by Disaster Management before, during or after a disaster?

284. A clear concise document which outlines preventive and preparatory measures n the event of a disaster to minimize its effect is

285. What would you do if you heard a warning?

286. What are the three phases of disaster management planning?

287. What does the acronym ISDR stand for?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Disaster Management

Disaster Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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