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Disaster Management Questions with Answers

151. When was the last major earthquake in India

152. When was the National Fire Service College established?

153. Which are the major controlling systems for reduction of volcanic disaster?

154. Which area in the world witness's highest seismic earthquake activity in the world.

155. Which body in the state of Tripura can declare emergency in case of state level disaster?

156. Which gas caused Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

157. Which instrument are used for intensity of the earthquake

158. Which instrument are used for recording the occurrence of the earthquake

159. Which instrument is used for measuring the magnitude of an earthquake

160. Which instrument is used for recording the occurrences of the earthquake

161. Which is the main cause of cholera?

162. Which is the most dangerous location for a tsunami hazard?

163. Which is the nodal agency at the Indian Union Government for coordinating disaster management activities for all natural hazards?

164. Which metal is causing for Minamata disease

165. Which natural hazard has caused the greatest number of deaths in a single event?

166. Which of the following activities is covered by Disaster Management before, during or after a disaster?

167. Which of the following agencies are the National Disaster Risk Reduction stakeholders?

168. International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction stands for

169. Which of the following can reduce the risk of flooding?

170. 11-03-2012 marked one year sine an earthquake and tsunami killed thousands of people in?

171. Which of the following disasters can be triggered by an earthquake?

172. 2001 Terrorist attack in America is referred as:

173. Which of the following emits dangerous radioactive wastes forcing the government to eliminate its use?

174. A Certificate course in Disaster Management is offered by?

175. Which of the following group of people are more vulnerable in the event of a disaster

176. A cyclone is called a................in Philippines and Japan.

177. Which of the following is a disaster mitigation strategy?

178. A cyclone is called a............in the American Continent.

179. Which of the following is an environmental consequence of floods?

180. A disease is called pandemic when it is

181. Which of the following is associated with a La Nina event?

182. A flash flood is a flood that

183. Which of the following is not an epidemic

184. A flood can vary in:

185. Which of the following is related to acid rain?

186. A hazard is a situation where there is

187. Which of the following is true? Flood warnings:

188. A hazard:

189. Which of the following is used to estimate which areas will be inundated during aflood, based on river height information?

190. A pneumonic plague which occurred in Surat, Gujrat in 1994 is:

191. Which of the following leads to earthquakes:

192. A point on the surface of the earth vertically above the focus is known as

193. Which of the following potentially affects the size of a flood?

194. A series of earthquakes shook the Central American Nation Of Nicarague and killed many people in the year?

195. Which of the following statements is false?

196. According to the World Bank, during the period 1996 to 2000, the approximate percentage loss of gross domestic produce due to disasters was?

197. Which of the following statements is false?

198. According to U. N. O. there were about............disasters per year between 1992 - 2000 in the world?

199. Which of the following waves is the slowest

200. According to World Bank Estimate, direct losses from natural disasters are upto percent of GDP?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Disaster Management

Disaster Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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