Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Quiz Question with Answer

31. Customers lifetime purchases that generate net present value of future profit streams is called

  1. customer lifetime value
  2. customer purchases value
  3. customer cost incurred
  4. customer relationships

32. Total customer benefits includes

  1. product benefits
  2. services benefit
  3. image benefit
  4. all of above

33. Programs designed for customers which is limited to any affinity group are classified as

  1. club membership programs
  2. royalty programs
  3. loyalty programs
  4. group membership programs

34. First step in analysis of customer value is to

  1. identify customers value attributes
  2. assessing attributes importance
  3. assessing companys performance
  4. assessing competitors performance

35. Difference between customers evaluation including all costs incurred and benefits is called

  1. customer perceived value
  2. company market value
  3. customer affordability
  4. customer reliability

36. Process of building, organizing and using databases of customers to build customer relationship is classified as

  1. database marketing
  2. customer database
  3. detailed database
  4. company database

37. Perceived monetary value of all benefits which customers expect from a given product because of brand image is called

  1. total customer benefit
  2. total customer cost
  3. total economic cost
  4. total functional cost

38. System includes all experiences while using market offering is classified as

  1. customer proposition
  2. value delivery system
  3. product proposition
  4. distinctive proposition

39. Number of customers or potential customers who will help in companys growth is classified as

  1. customer base
  2. retailer base
  3. distributors base
  4. marketers base

40. Any occasion on which brand or product is encountered by end customers is called

  1. customer touch point
  2. company touch point
  3. retailers touch point
  4. relationship touch point

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