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Software Engineering Questions with Answers

51. The primary aim of software engg. is to provide

52. SRS document is called black box specification of a system because

53. The term module in the design phase refers to

54. Which is not a size metric?

55. The UML Designation for a public class member is

56. A fault simulation testing technique is

57. What is the modality of relationship,if there is no explicit need for relationship to occur?

58. The desired level of coupling is

59. Which of the following is a phase of RAD model?

60. If the objects focus on the problem domain, then we are concerned with

61. Which of the following is not a major design consideration of the system

62. Changes made to the system to reduce the future system failure chances is called

63. Which of the following is the phase of SDLC in which the identified requirements are incorporated into the new systems design?

64. Which of the items listed below is not one of the software engineering layers?

65. Which of the following expects cost estimation from SRS document ?

66. Which is the most important feature of spiral model?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Software Engineering

Software Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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