Public Expenditure Quiz Question with Answer

21. Productive debts are utilized for

  1. Transfer payments in form of subsidies
  2. They are raised for financing wars
  3. They add to productive capacity of the economy
  4. special incentives to weaker sections

22. Public Expenditure refers to

  1. Government Expenditure
  2. Private Expenditure
  3. Private Expenditure
  4. None of the above

23. The budget presented wken elections are due is known as

  1. Tentative Budget
  2. Proposed Budget
  3. Zero Budget
  4. Lame Duck Budget

24. The defence expenditure minimizes the possibility of

  1. External threats
  2. Internal threats
  3. Terrorism
  4. All of the above

25. The finance commissions role is to

  1. Propose New Taxes
  2. To Abolish Old taxes
  3. To review and modify arrangements
  4. None of the above

26. The full form of FRBM Act 2003 is

  1. Fiscal Regulation and Budget Management Act, 2003
  2. Fiscal Regulation and Banking Management Act, 2003
  3. Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003
  4. Financial Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003

27. The main pillars of institutional framework to deal with centre-state financial relations in India is

  1. Finance Commission
  2. Planning Commission
  3. National Development Council
  4. All of the above

28. The major objectives of public expenditure are

  1. Economic Growth
  2. Maintenance of Defence
  3. Social Welfare
  4. All of the above

29. The method by which a certain portion matures every year as decided by the lottery system

  1. Sinking Fund
  2. Surplus Revenues
  3. Terminal Annuities
  4. None of the above

30. The number of sections of a good budget are

  1. Two
  2. Three
  3. Five
  4. Eight

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