HRM Quiz Question with Answer

11. Which statement best describes 360 degree feedback? It is:

  1. a method used to appraise employees
  2. a system where managers give feedback to all their staff
  3. a system where feedback on any individual is derived from peers, subordinates supervisorsand occasionally, customers
  4. a development tool

12. Benefits of Talent Management include:

  1. A reduction in the recruitment cycle
  2. Creating a competitive advantage
  3. Improved client relations and retention
  4. (b) and (c)

13. Which of the following would not form part of a flexible reward package?

  1. ability to buy and sell leave days
  2. non-pay items such as child care vouchers
  3. cafeteria benefitsperformance-related pay

14. What is a communities of practice approach to organisational learning?

  1. An approach that focuses on practising best practice
  2. An approach that focuses on the values, beliefs and norms of a social group
  3. An approach that focuses on the skills embedded within the group
  4. An approach that has a clear set of defined practices to use in all situations

15. Trends in TalentManagement include:

  1. An increase in post-high school training and education in the future
  2. Management and leadership skills are seen as most valuable to modern and competitiveorganisations
  3. Teaching jobs are very difficult to fill
  4. all of the above

16. Which of the stages below are part of the Systematic Training Cycle?

  1. Analyse operating conditions
  2. Design training
  3. Deliver on timeEvaluate customer feedback

17. The term emotional labour is associated with which author?

  1. Arlie Hochschild
  2. Stephen Fineman
  3. David Sims
  4. Yiannis Gabriel

18. Which one is not the specific goal of human resource management?

  1. Attracting applicants
  2. Separating employees
  3. Retaining employees
  4. Motivating employees

19. Why is job analysis so infused with organisational politics?

  1. Because it is a process which could lead to contraction of employees in a department and therefore diminishing its power base
  2. A result of interdepartmental rivalry
  3. Because it is not an objective activity
  4. Because it is a process through which companies try to shed labour

20. In strategic human resource management, HR strategies are generally aligned with:

  1. business strategy
  2. marketing strategies
  3. finance strategy
  4. economic strategy

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