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Business Economics MCQs questions answers

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Business Economics Questions with Answers

51. If Repo Rate is 2 %, as per RBI policy, Reverse repo rate must be

52. IC analysis was given by

53. How many laws are there in Statistics ?

54. Graphically Mode Can be found using

55. For tabulation Caption is

56. FERA stands for

57. Economies of scale means increasing production with .........per unit

58. Direction of TP, AP & MP in 3rd stage of Law of variable proportions shall be

59. Diagrammatic presentation is done by

60. Data collected on religion from the census reports are

61. Data Can be classified as

62. Corporation Bank & Air India are the examples of

63. Consecutive rectangles in a Histogram have no space in between

64. ACRP stands for

65. A frequency distribution

66. 11th Plan had objective of reducing Infant Mortality rate to

67. the official minimum rate at which the Central Bank of a country is prepared to rediscount approved bills held by banks


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Business Economics

Business Economics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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