Anatomy Question with Answer

31. Following muscles are the abductors of eye EXCEPT

  1. superior oblique
  2. superior rectus
  3. inferior oblique
  4. lateral rectus

32. Following muscles produce elevation of scapula EXCEPT

  1. rhomboidius major
  2. rhomboidius minor
  3. trapezius
  4. serratus anterior

33. Following muscles produce medial rotation of humerus EXCEPT

  1. pectoralis major
  2. pectoralis minor
  3. subscapularis
  4. lattisimus dorsi

34. Following structures are related to mediastinal surface of left lungEXCEPT

  1. left atrium
  2. ascending aorta
  3. arch of aorta
  4. oesophagus

35. Following structures form stomach bed EXCEPT

  1. splenic vein
  2. splenic artery
  3. left kidney
  4. left suprarenal

36. Following structures represent derivatives of dorsal mesogastrium EXCEPT

  1. greater omentum
  2. lesser omentum
  3. gastrosplenic ligament
  4. linorenal ligament

37. Following veins are tributaries of portal vein EXCEPT

  1. right gastric
  2. left gastric
  3. splenic
  4. inf. phrenic

38. Foramen secundum is a gap in

  1. septum primun
  2. septum secundum
  3. septum spurium
  4. septum intermedium

39. Gland receiving secretomotor fibres from pterygo palatine ganglion is

  1. lacrimal
  2. submandibular
  3. sublingual
  4. parotid

40. Gyrus occupying Brocas speech area is

  1. superior frontal
  2. middle frontal
  3. inferior frontal
  4. superior temporal

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