Anatomy Question with Answer

21. Following are the contents of inguinal canal in males EXCEPT

  1. ilio-inguinal nerve
  2. spermatic cord
  3. artery to vas deference
  4. ilio hypogastric nerve

22. Following are the contents of middle ear cavity EXCEPT

  1. incus
  2. stapedius
  3. chorda tympani
  4. facial nerve

23. Following are the features of broncho pulmonary segment EXCEPT

  1. wedge shape mass of lung
  2. contains segmental artery
  3. contains segmental vein
  4. aerated by tertiary bronchus

24. Following are the single gene disorders EXCEPT

  1. Duchene muscle dystrophy
  2. spina bifida
  3. haemophilia
  4. sickle cell anemia

25. Following are the sites of internal haemorrhoids EXCEPT

  1. 3 oclock
  2. 5 oclock
  3. 7 oclock
  4. 11 oclock

26. Following are tributaries of cavernous sinus EXCEPT

  1. sup. opthalmic vein
  2. central vein of retina
  3. great cerebral vein
  4. inferior opthalmic vein

27. Following bones take part in lateral longitudinal arch EXCEPT

  1. calcaneous
  2. cuboid
  3. talus
  4. 5th metacarpal

28. Following individuals show presence of Barr body EXCEPT

  1. normal female
  2. super female
  3. Turners syndrome
  4. Klinefelters syndrome

29. Following muscles are inserted into greater trochanter of femur EXCEPT

  1. gluteus maximus
  2. gluteus medius
  3. gluteus minimus
  4. pyriformis

30. Following muscles are supplied by femoral nerve EXCEPT

  1. psoas major
  2. iliacus
  3. pectineus
  4. sartorius

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