Rural Marketing Quiz Question with Answer

31. HUL Project Shakti is meant for

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Target markets
  3. The marketing environment
  4. The marketing mix

32. If there is low involvement and the product / market is established then sales promotions should be used for

  1. Attractive
  2. Neat
  3. Limited
  4. Scattered

33. In rural market, Primary health workers, doctors, teachers, rural students, Panchayat members act as

  1. Agricultural Marketing
  2. Rural marketing
  3. Urban marketing
  4. Semi-urban marketing

34. In the model of buyer behaviour, which of the following is NOT a major type of force or event in the buyers environment?

  1. Distribution
  2. Communication
  3. Buying motive
  4. Limited knowledge

35. In villages, what should be identified and motivated to spread a product or brand message

  1. Labourers
  2. Rural Youth
  3. Rural women
  4. Farmers

36. ITC e-choupal enhance the ability of farmers to take decisions and align their farm output with.....................and secure quality and productivity

  1. Employability mindset
  2. Skills & Confidence
  3. Independence & freedom
  4. entrepreneurial mindset

37. ITC e-choupal is known as

  1. Contact point for villagers
  2. Means for distribution and trading of local products and exchange rural surplus
  3. An opportunity for buying daily necessities
  4. A place for political, social & cultural contact

38. Levels of customer loyalty can be determined by

  1. Rural sales promoters
  2. Rural sales executives
  3. Sales associates
  4. Field sales executives

39. Marketers are always trying to order to discover new products that might be wanted

  1. Chambal Forest Company Limited
  2. Chambal Fertilizers Company Limited
  3. Chambal Farmers Cooperative Limited
  4. Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited

40. Media objectives have two more components, which are, .....................objectives and.................objectives

  1. Guiding farmers about government schemes and subsidies
  2. Helping farmers to get access to crop loan and finance
  3. Giving assistance to farmers to get market & fair price to their agri-produce
  4. Protecting and renewing arable land by educating farmers to practice sustainable agriculture

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