Tally ERP MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

191. Which of the following is the predefined stock category in tally?

  1. Primary
  2. Symbol
  3. Stock
  4. Main location

192. Which file in tally is used to record the import activity ?

  1. Tally.dat
  2. Tally.ini
  3. Tally.imp
  4. None of the above

193. Which of the following is compulsory to create while entry in Accounts with Inventory?

  1. Stock Groups
  2. Stock Items
  3. Units of Measure
  4. All of these

194. Inventory books is used to view

  1. Stock Items
  2. Group Summary
  3. Both A and B above
  4. None of these

195. Trial balance is prepared on............ basis

  1. Monthly
  2. Annually
  3. Half yearly
  4. Any of the above.

196. A............. serves the purpose of both journal and ledger accounts

  1. Journal proper
  2. Purchase day book
  3. Cash book
  4. Any of the above

197. The rate of trade discount varies with the ----------- purchased

  1. Total asset
  2. Current asset
  3. Quantity
  4. None of these

198. A credit note is sent by------------- to ----------------

  1. Seller, buyer
  2. Buyer, seller
  3. Customer, seller
  4. Creditor, seller

199. A Debit note is a statement sent to the ------------- by the ----------------

  1. Seller, buyer
  2. Buyer, seller
  3. Customer, seller
  4. Creditor, seller

200. A trial balance is a---------

  1. Ledger
  2. Journal
  3. Account
  4. List

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