Tally ERP Question and Answer

91. Which of the following is not compulsory to create while entry in Accounts with Inventory?

  1. Stock Groups
  2. Stock Items
  3. Stock Categories
  4. Units of Measure

92. Which reports are prepared monthly in Tally?

  1. Profit & Loss A/C
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Trial Balance
  4. Cash Flow of Funds Flow

93. VAT Structure is beneficial for whom?

  1. Trader
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Trial Balance
  4. Cash Flow or Funds Flow

94. By which option Purchase or Sales register can be viewed?

  1. Statutory Books
  2. Inventory Books
  3. Accounts Books
  4. Display

95. Which option is used to view Stock Items or Group Summary?

  1. Accounts Books
  2. Inventory Books
  3. Statutory Books
  4. Display

96. Which option is used to view VAT or TDS computation?

  1. Accounts Books
  2. Statutory Books
  3. Display
  4. Inventory Books

97. Financial year normally ends no?

  1. 30-Apr
  2. 31-Mar
  3. 1-Apr
  4. 31-Dec

98. Default invoice mode is on for Sales or Purchase entry. Which key should be pressed forentry of sales or Purchase as a voucher?

  1. Alt + V
  2. Ctrl + V
  3. Alt + F8
  4. Alt + F9

99. We can change the Company Information from

  1. Company Info > Back up
  2. Company Info > Alter
  3. Company Info > Split Company Data
  4. None of these

100. Company Restore option is available in

  1. Company Features
  2. Company Information
  3. Configuration
  4. None of these

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Tally ERP Question and Answer

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