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Mineral Nutrition Question and Answer

1. According to mass flow principle what is responsible for absorption of water ?

  1. Transpiration
  2. Turgidity
  3. Osmotic pressure
  4. Turgor pressure

2. By which nitrite is converted into nitrate ?

  1. Nitro bacter
  2. Nitro somonas
  3. Agro bacterium
  4. Psuedomonas

3. By which principle, indirect storage of stable and non-diffusible ions is explained ?

  1. ion exchange
  2. principle of mass flow
  3. Donnan equillibrium
  4. principle of Diffusion

4. Deficiency of which element kills terminal buds leaving a rosette effect on the plant ?

  1. Mo
  2. B
  3. Cu
  4. None

5. Deficiency of which element shows stunted growth ?

  1. Mo, Ca, S, N
  2. Cl, N, Cu, Zn
  3. P, S, Mn, Ca
  4. K, N, Fe, Ca

6. Deficiency of which mineral causes shortening of internodes and reduction in cambium activity ?

  1. K
  2. Fe
  3. Cu
  4. B

7. Donnan equillibrium is achieved at which surface ?

  1. Cell wall
  2. Nuclear membrance
  3. plasma membrance
  4. Vascular membrace

8. Due to natural lightening

  1. Nitrate is converted into Nitride
  2. N2 is converted into nitrate
  3. Modify from ZNO3 to N2
  4. to increase activity of Reductive Amination

9. Due to which element deficiency bark of tree becomes rough and gets split and exudes gum-like secretion ?

  1. Zn
  2. K
  3. P
  4. Cu

10. Due to which type of bacteria atmospheric N2 is maintained ?

  1. Nitrosomonas
  2. Rhizobium
  3. Nitrobacter
  4. Pseudomonas

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Mineral Nutrition

Mineral Nutrition Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Online

Mineral Nutrition Question and Answer

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