Mineral Nutrition Quiz Question with Answer

11. Formation of FAD during N2 fixation occurs during which processes ?

  1. growth and development
  2. cell division and differentiation
  3. photosynthesis and transpiration
  4. Respiration and photosynthesis

12. Formation of NO2 and NO3 from NH3 is indentified by which name ?

  1. Nitration
  2. Denitrification
  3. Nitrogenation
  4. Nitrification

13. In the first phase of absorption of mineral ions from soil to root, element passes through which plant?

  1. Cell wall
  2. Nuclear membrance
  3. tonoplast
  4. plasma membrance

14. In which form Phosphorous is absorbed from soil ?

  1. H3PO4
  2. HPO4
  3. H2PO4
  4. H4P2O7

15. Of the following, S is essential for best production of which crop ?

  1. oily seeds
  2. leguminosae
  3. grains
  4. Fibres

16. One plant is given Urea fertilizer, but it has deficiency of phosphorous, this plant will show which symptom ?

  1. Cambium activity reduces
  2. fruit size deminishes
  3. Grey spots on leaves
  4. seed dormancy increases.

17. Out of the following, what is the function of Potasium ?

  1. ion balance
  2. stabilizes ribosomes
  3. Required for iron absorption
  4. In active site of many redox enzymes

18. Standards for mineral elements essentially was suggested by which scientist ?

  1. Julious Vonsachs
  2. Cornelius Von
  3. Arnon and Stout
  4. Jhon Ingen house

19. State deficiency of Cl.

  1. Wilting of stubby roots
  2. brown spoted fruits
  3. accumalation of purple pigment
  4. premature leaf fall

20. State deficiency symptoms of Mo.

  1. fruit yeild decreases
  2. fall of fruit
  3. N - deficiency appears.
  4. death of root-apex and shoot-apex.

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