Mineral Nutrition Quiz Question with Answer

21. State importance of Ca.

  1. Structural component of plasma membrance
  2. For the synthesis if IAA.
  3. Formation of bipolar centriole during cell-division
  4. Formation of nuclear membrance

22. State importance of iron ?

  1. Required for activation of Carboxyalase enzyme.
  2. Required for the structure of Ferodoxin.
  3. Required for the photolysis of H2O during photosynthesis.
  4. Required for the absorption and metabolism of Ca.

23. The absorption, distribution and metabolism of various mineral elements is called

  1. dispersal of mineral
  2. Absorption of mineral salts
  3. mineral metabolism
  4. mineral nutrition

24. The method of hydroponic in which with the use of NFT, automatically, nutrient rich solution is given, is called

  1. Continous flowing solution culture
  2. Tissue culture method
  3. Gas culture method
  4. Balanced - culture solution method

25. The process which release NA3 from Nitrogenous excretory waste is known as

  1. Ammonification
  2. Denitrification
  3. Nitrification
  4. Demonification

26. The region within the plasma membrance and within the vacuole is called ?

  1. nucleus membrane region
  2. passive transport region
  3. Cellular region
  4. Active transport region

27. Toxicity of Mn inhibits function of which other elements ?

  1. Fe, Mg, S
  2. Ca, Fe, Mg
  3. Mg, K, Fe
  4. Ca, P, S

28. What is concentration of micronutrients in the dry mass of plants per gram ?

  1. 1 to 10 mg
  2. 0.1 mg
  3. 0.1 mg or less than that
  4. 10 mg or more than that

29. What is responsible for N2 fixation in Rhizobium ?

  1. nif - gene
  2. leghemoglobin
  3. Nitrogenase
  4. ATP

30. What is the function of leg haemoglobin ?

  1. To protect Nif gene from the side effect of O2
  2. To proctect nitrogenase from the side effect of O2
  3. To provide atmosheric N2 to Rhizobium bzcteria
  4. To synthesis reduction inducing unit FAD.

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