Android Quiz Question with Answer

51. An activity can be thought of as corresponding to what?

  1. A Java project
  2. A Java class
  3. A method call
  4. An object field

52. While developing Android applications, developers can test their apps on...

  1. Emulator included in Android SDK
  2. Physical Android phone
  3. Third-party Emulators (Youwave, etc.)
  4. All three options will work.

53. What file is responsible for glueing everthing together, explaining what the applicatin consists of, what its main building blocks are, ext...?

  1. Layout file
  2. Strings XML
  3. Manifest file
  4. R file

54. An Android application is a loose collection of content providers, activities, broadcast receivers, and services.

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

55. What is Intents ?

  1. are messages that are sent among major building blocks
  2. trigger activities to being, services to start or stop, or broadcast
  3. are asynchronous
  4. all of these

56. To create an emulator, you need an AVD. What does it stand for?

  1. Android Virtual Display
  2. Android Virtual Device
  3. Active Virtual Device
  4. Application Virtual Display

57. WAP stands for.......

  1. Wireless application program
  2. Wireless application protocol
  3. Wireless application portal
  4. None of these

58. WAP is designed to work for micro browsers on mobiles

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

59. WAP enables the application development for handheld portable devices

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

60. WAP is a technical standard for accessing information over a

  1. Mobile wireless network
  2. wired network
  3. bluetooth
  4. None of these

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